Tindegruppa has to facilities for indoor climbing: A bouldering wall at Gløshaugen and a climbing wall at Dragvoll. The climbing facility at Dragvoll consists of two overhanging walls and one vertical wall. The height is approximately 12 meters.

(Foto : Torbjørn Aass)

-The wall is equipped with quickdraws and two wiregate carabiners at the top.
-You must have your own personal equipment like shoes, rope, harness and belaying device.

The difficulty of the routes is normally from 4 to 9, with most of the routes around 6 or 7 (Norwegian climbing grade). The routes normally follow one row of bolts, and have holds of the same color all the way up. There is a whiteboard with all the info about routes and grades. New routes are made a couple times each month, but after competitions everything will be cleaned and new routes made.

You are welcome to climb at DragWall as long as you can belay properly and have the norwegian climbing license (Brattkort).

(Foto : Torbjørn Aass)

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