Refund for competition fees

Tindegruppa covers the following expenses of participation in competitions in the Norwegian Climbing Cup (including Norwegian Climbing Championship)

  • 100% of participation fee
  • 50% of travel expenses

Put the receits and refund form in the mail shelf marked Tindegruppa at I-bygget (SiT Gløshaugen)

Criteria/Rules for refunds

  • Kun medlemmer av Tindegruppa-NTNUI kan få dekket utgiftene. Dvs de som har betalt inn engangsavgiften sin og registrert seg på nettet. Dette skal være i orden FØR konkurransedeltakelsen.
  • Only members of Tindegruppa can get expenses refunded. The membership has to be paid for BEFORE the competition. This includes NTNUI-membership.
  • Only national competitions are refunded.
  • The cheapes way of travel is to be chosen (with discretion).
  • Driving is refunded with a fixed rate of 2kr/km.
  • Valid receits has to be handed in (including boarding pass in case of plane travel).
  • Members who receive individual support for courses, competitions and similar are comitted to contribute with voluntary work for Tindegruppa.
  • Tindegruppa requires support from NTNUI to cover expenses. To receive support from NTNUI you have to show a confirmation of participation (that shows participation fee and results). It is the participants responsibility to aquire the documentation. Contact the Treasurer before the competition if you have any questions. 

Return the receits as fast as possible so that the Treasurer can have contol over the groups budget.

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