Tindegruppas history

Tindegruppa was formed in 1959, and was Norway's first climbing club open for anyone to join. Before that, Norsk Tindeklub was the only "climbing club" in the country, but they had high requirements for new members. Many famous persons and pioneers in climbing have been members of Tindegruppa.

Tindegruppa, which started as a small crew at Gløshaugen, are now counting hundereds of members and is therefore one of Norways biggest climbing clubs. The main reason for this is the increased interest in sport climbing and indoor climbing. But the group has members in all areas of climbing, from ice and big wall climbing to bouldering and competitive climbing.

Tindegruppas purpose

Klatresporten og klatremiljøet er ikke som ved annen idrett. Mangelen på organisering og regler er sentralt i sporten. Allikevel er det behov for organisering. Dette for å få til blant annet innendørs treningsmuligheter, koier til utlån, bolting og rebolting, uhøytidelige konkurranser og et sosialt miljø.

The sport of climbing and the culture of climbing is not like any other sports. The lack of rules and organization is important. Nevertheless, some organization is required for, among other things, indoor training, renting gear and cabins, bolting and rebolting, informal competitions and a social environment.

Tindegruppas paragraph of purpose

§1. Tindegruppas purpose

Tindegruppas purpose is to represent students in Trondheim interested in climbing and mountaineering, and to facilitate conditions for broad climbing- and mountaineering activity for these students.

Tindegruppa will contribute to maintain a high level of knowledge in the sport of climbing, and with this contribute to a safe practice, and development, of the sport of climbing.

Tindegruppa skal også ta vare på klatresportens kultur og historie i regionen. Gruppas aktivitet skal ha forankring i norsk fjellsports verdier og tradisjon.

Tindegruppa will also take care of the sport of climbing's culture and history in the region. The groups activity should be tied to norwegian climbing's values and tradition.

Decided at the annual meeting, 18. Jan 2005

Tindegruppa-NTNUI has as a main activity to, among other things, facilitate training indoor during the winter semester, get resources for rebolting, distribute guides for climbing crags in the regian and support knowledge increasing activity like intructor courses and similar.

Secondary, the group will try to create a social environment for climbing, and give beginners a possibility to develop as climbers.

However, all activity within the sport still builds on personal initiative and individual preferences about what, where and when. Recruitment is therefore not a priority in Tindegruppa.

- Torbjørn Aass , X-Leader TG-NTNUI

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